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V-Screen emulsion

TYPE V¹ diazo photopolymer emulsion designed for fine patterns. With resolution of 20µm and wide exposure latitude, it creates a high definition stencil.

TYPE V¹ comprehensive evaluation chart

This chart illustrates TYPE-V¹ performance with a typical commercially available diazo emulsion shown at point 3. TYPE-V¹ has excellent performance in resolution, adhesion, solvent resistance and exposure latitude compared to a typical diazo emulsion.

Wide exposure latitude

TYPE-V¹ is exclusively designed for use with V-Screen in order to work with its specific UV characteristics to create wide exposure latitude and achieve resolution of thin lines and small features. The graph below describes the UV reflection of V-Screen.
* The correct exposure listed here is only for reference purposes as exposure conditions vary greatly from shop to shop.

Excellent adhesion

Another characteristic of TYPE-V¹ is superior adhesion to V-Screen. The graphs shown below are comparative test results of adhesion to V-Screen of TYPE-V¹ typical commercially available diazo photopolymer emulsion. TYPE-V¹ shows far superior results.

Solvent Resistance

TYPE-V¹ features greater resistance to solvents used in screen printing than the typical diazo photopolymer emulsions in general use today. For this experiment both screens were immersed in each solvent for 16 hours. Then each screen was checked for swelling.

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