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Environment Business Policy

As a company that provides markets with filtering materials used in environmental purification applications, the NBC Meshtec Group understands our implicit obligation to participate in environmental protection activities and to hold ourselves to high standards. Today, amid calls for worldwide environmental protection based on a global perspective, we as responsible corporate citizens are deepening our commitment to addressing these issues. The global environment is mankind's most precious shared asset. We keep in mind at all times our duty to protect and pass on the natural environment to the generations to come. To guide us in fulfilling this duty, we have established both an Environmental Philosophy and Action Guidelines based on the company creed, "The basis of business is built on trust," and a corporate philosophy that emphasizes social contributions. Each and every employee will make positive contributions in accordance with the guidelines specified below to resolve the various environmental issues that may arise during the company's operations.

Environmental Policy

Protecting the global environment is a challenge confronting all of society. Environmental threats pose risks for human survival and development. As a corporate citizen and member of society operating as a business, we understand that protecting the environment is an important challenge, one we must confront. "Providing a clean, friendly, safe environment for both people and nature": This is our slogan, and providing various materials that help protect the environment, including filter materials, is our specific way of contributing to efforts to protect the environment and mitigate climate change.

Environment Principles

In developing new products and developing/designing production and equipment technologies, give full consideration to environmental issues in all phases of operations, from materials procurement to production, packaging, sales, logistics, and waste disposal.
Abide by all applicable environmental laws and other regulations at home and abroad, working with administrative authorities, international organizations, and other entities to further their environmental policies.
Maintain our commitment in our business activities to reducing environmental impact through efforts like resource conservation, energy conservation, ensuring sustainable resource use, recycling, and pollution controls.
Improve the working environment at workplaces and promote environmental awareness among employees by providing information and training/education related to environmental protection.
Disclose all relevant information and take appropriate measures to minimize environmental burdens should problems arise related to environmental protection.
Take active part as a member of the community in environmental protection activities and work to ensure the safety and quality of life of community residents.
Give all due consideration to preserving local environments when developing overseas operations to ensure our acceptance as a member of local communities; strive to recognize and meet the needs of such communities.
Promote ongoing improvements in environmental protection efforts by setting environmental goals, conducting regular reviews, and undertaking periodic internal environmental audits.
NBC Meshtec Spring Water Protection Club

A group of fresh-water springs in the west and the north of NBC headquarters (Hino, Tokyo) (called were "Fresh-water springs around the Hino Central Library ") included among the "Top 57 springs in Tokyo" in January 2003. The springs produce approximately 14.5 liters/s at a rate of 23.3 ms/m. The average water temperature is 17.3° C, and the temperature does not fluctuate significantly. The springs abound with nature: they are the habitat of river crabs and conches named "kawanina", which can live only in a clear stream. During the summer, fireflies, which are very rare in Tokyo these days, can be seen.

Since the company's foundation, we have been working in the rich natural surroundings of Musashino, a suburb of Tokyo. To protect the natural sanctuary that our ancestors conserved, we have formed the "NBC Spring Water Protection Club." In cooperation with the people of the community, we help to clean the springs and streams.

Beautiful natural springs next to our premises, a spot often visited by the locals

A clear stream flowing along the west side of the premises and a shoal of fish in the stream


NBC Meshtec group obtained the ISO14001 Environmental Management System (EMS), as part of NBC's efforts to encourage environmental activities at its production bases.

  • Organization: NBC Meshtec Inc.
  • Date of Registration: August 9, 2002
  • Assessment & registration agency: Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
  • Registration No.: JQA-EM2546