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With confidence in the future, and a strong belief in the powerful contribution of our mesh materials to society and our natural environment, NBC Meshtec strives to continually enhance the value of our mesh products.

NBC deals with a variety of mesh-based technologies used in areas such as filter production, screen printing and daily items like computers, automobiles and IC train passes. Many people around the world benefit from our technologies without realizing it.
The business creed of the company is "the basis of business is built on trust," meaning that our operations are based on establishing trusting relationships one by one by offering reliable technologies and products. Our corporate philosophy is as follows: By adhering to quality as our first principle, we will contribute to society through customer satisfaction, thereby achieving company stability and prosperity, which will enhance employee welfare.
Meshes were originally used to sift wheat flour, and have also been used extensively to purify water and air. These purified elements provide us with a safe and reliable environment, enhanced by the enjoyment of clean surroundings. NBC seeks to further enhance the inherent value of such meshes in order to further improve the comfort of our living conditions.
With our focus always on quality, we are on the verge of some technological breakthroughs that will make a significant contribution to society, well beyond the value of filtration. By combining our existing technologies with some unique new discoveries and techniques, we are developing new meshes enabling functions unimaginable with conventional meshes. We take great pride in the mesh technologies we have developed and our part in shaping the future with them, for people and the natural environment.
Adding new value to mesh products for people and for the natural environment - we take pride in the mesh technologies presented here and the future they will help to shape.

Company Creed & Corporate Philosophy

The basis of business is built on trust

1. Nisshin Seifun Group's Corporate Philosophy

*"The basis of business is built on trust" is a motto that Tei'ichiro Shoda, the founder of Nisshin Seifun and NBC Meshtec set as the company creed, one which he followed his entire life.

Basic Management Policy

The individual companies that make up the Nisshin Seifun Group will be sharing these basic principles as they move ahead with their business activities under the banner of "self-reliance and integration." In other words, we aim to carry out optimal business expansions by exercising our autonomy in response to the characteristics of each business and the industry environment, as well as expand through integration with companies both inside and outside the group.
At the same time, we are moving ahead with self-reform and meeting our social responsibilities for legal compliance, food hygiene, environmental protection, and so on, as well as working to become a Group that will be actively supported by its stakeholders, whether they be customers, stockholders, business partners, or society.
Our group has established the Challenge V-100 standard ("Think for yourself and display your full value") as its management policy.

The Nisshin Seifun Group's basic policy in regard to stakeholders

Under its corporate philosophy and basic management policy, the Nisshin Seifun Group maintains the basic policy outlined below in regard to stakeholders.

(1)For customers
We strive to provide constant customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and desires in depth as well as providing high-quality goods and services based on the confidence our products bring.
(2)For shareholders
We manage the group based on a policy of maximizing long-term corporate value.
We maintain high profitability and steady growth, aim for efficient asset utilization, and provide stable and appropriate dividend returns.
At the same time, we seek to raise our share price by disclosing information promptly, appropriately and continuously to win the correct understanding, evaluation and confidence of our stakeholders.
(3)For employees
Under the principle of mutual confidence based on respect for humanity, we create a work environment that allows individual employees to make the most of their abilities and personalities while experiencing the joy and satisfaction of work.
We also strive for the maintenance and improvement of employees' living standards, as well as expecting them and helping them to seek out change and grow constantly.
(4)For business partners
Under the principle of fair and free competition, we strive for coexistence and co-prosperity by respecting the positions of our business partners and sharing our results with them.
(5)For the local community
We contribute to the local community through sound business activities. We also pursue higher product quality and environmental preservation based on respect for humanity, and seek to consolidate our position as a reliable company that strictly complies with social norms.
Furthermore, in today's increasingly globalized economy, we look to fulfill the missions and roles described above according to the conditions of each country to ensure harmony with international society.