Product Overview

Product lineup

We manufacture and sell non-woven fabric products that utilize Cufitec®.

Cufitec Face Masks
Face Masks

Reliably block viruses and bacteria.
Reduce the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.

Cufitec Wiping cloth
Wiping cloth

Wipe surfaces without causing viruses and bacteria to spread.


Virus protection without using disinfectants
Can be used both dry and wet.

Cufitec Film Cover
Film CoverFor door handles and handrails

Can reduce viruses and bacteria simply by wrapping around door handles and handrails

Raw materials

Cufitec® (antiviral and antibacterial agent) can be added to
a wide range of materials.
*Antiviral and antibacterial testing of the samples with Cufitec® can be
conducted in our internal laboratory.

Blended into plastic
Blended into plastic

Cufitec® masterbatch
(PP and PE)

Mixed into a solution
Mixed into a solution

Cufitec® coating agent

Cufitec® dispersion

Cufitec® alcohol disinfectant

Available in roll form

Cufitec® treated antiviral and antibacterial materials can be
used in a variety of products.

Coating on Base Material
Coating on Base Material

Cufitec®treated nonwoven fabric (Reyon, cotton, and PP)
* The SEK mark has been acquired for Antiviral Finished Product, Antibacterial Finished Product, and Antimicrobial Finished Product.


Cufitec®treated PET film
(on one side)

Antiviral and antibacterial testing

NBC Meshtec Inc. has begun the “Antiviral and antibacterial testing”, in our efforts to expand our internal virus laboratory; to provide clean, safe, and comfortable environments and to protect against invisible threats such as viruses and bacteria.

Contracted treatment

We can provide Cufitec® treatment for
non-woven fabric, film, or other matrix prepared by the customer.
Please consult with us if you are
interested in Cufitec®.


Overview of Cufitec®


Using Cufitec® in your company’s products