Development Support

We engage in joint development utilizing Cufitec® technologies.

Plan proposals
  • ●We have successfully treated a wide range of matrices including non-woven fabrics and polymer materials.
  • ●We will design treatment methods to match the desired material.
  • ●We are capable of producing prototypes for initial evaluations.
Anti-viral and anti-bacterial performance tests
  • ●Our company’s laboratory can perform anti-viral and anti-bacterial performance tests.
Field investigations
  • ●Product evaluations can be performed in cooperation with health care facilities, nursing care facilities, and other entities.

Joint development process (example)

Inquiry from customer

Confirmation of requests and proposal of plan

Initial study
  • Feasibility check
  • Prototyping
  • Discussion of way forward (example: conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement)

Start of full development


Overview of Cufitec®


Using Cufitec® in your
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Technical Overview

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