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Struggling with sieve blinding?

Nafitec Sieve Mesh Harnessing the power of nanoparticles to fight sieve blinding.

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3 Reasons to Choose Nafitec Sieve Mesh

Nafitec Sieve Mesh resists blinding!!

  • Improves Sieving Efficiency
  • Reduces Production Costs
  • Improves Quality

There are certain challenges anyone trying to control, improve the efficiency of, or establish manufacturing processes for powder production is going to face.
In terms of the sieve mesh, those challenges include poor powder throughput, frequent and tedious maintenance, and difficulty using fine meshes, among others.
All these challenges are related to sieve blinding.

Nafitec Sieve Mesh FeaturesLearn more about Nafitec Sieve Mesh

  • Incredible powder throughput achieved through advanced non-stick properties
  • Exceptional powder throughput properties
  • Suitable for various kinds of powder sifting
  • Compatible with all sieve mesh specifications
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Utilizing a variety of materials and mesh designs, NBC Meshtec has developed Nafitec® Sieve Mesh, a completely new sieve mesh featuring advanced anti-blinding properties. We are at your side, hard at work on solutions to the wide range of challenges you face in your sieving process.
Please reach out today and see how we can help you!