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VALUE MODEL high-precision semi-automatic screen stretcher

The VALUE MODEL is a precision semiautomatic stretching device designed and manufactured by NBC Meshtec to easily stretch V-Screen very high tension.

This machine enables smooth screen stretching.

The VALUE MODEL stretching device was developed by NBC Meshtec in response to customer demands for higher tension. In order to produce this breakthrough in stretching technology NBC Meshtec was determined not to slightly improve on tired concepts but to reinvent stretching. As a result the VALUE MODEL uses many sophisticated controls not found on conventional equipment. It also employs techniques that are countered intuitive to traditional stretching in order to stretch V-Screen with its extremely low elongation. The final product is a stretching device that allows anyone to stretch V-Screen to very high tensions with little training.

NBC Meshtec proposes "new stretching technique" Simply place a screen on the table start stretching

The most striking feature of the VALUE MODEL is its ease of operation. After placing the screen on the table all that is required is setting the corner clamps with the foot switch and selecting start on the liquid crystal display. The VALUE MODEL automatically clamps the fabric and stretches it to the set tension.

Screen-mesh distortion prevented with the world's first diagonal tensioning system

The real ground breaking feature of the VALUE MODEL is its diagonal stretching. Adding tension in the corners is counter to the traditional wisdom of stretching because most stretching equipment adds slack in the corners to prevent tearing the mesh during stretching. The chart on the left clearly shows the distortion created in the corners by conventional stretching equipment. The chart on the right shows the uniform tensioning results in the corners achieved every time with the VALUE MODEL.

Easy to operate panel

The easy to operate control panel allows anyone to accurately stretch screens to high tension. The programmable processor can memorize up to 1million stretching programs. Each stretching program can be customized to satisfy any customer need using 18 parameters including diagonal-stretching, overall tension and aging time. When its time to stretch just set the screen tension desired and with one touch of the button screens are brought right up to the correct tension.

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