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A mesh cloth with antistatic capability that significantly reduces static electricity and thereby improves the efficiency of screen stretching, proof making and printing operations. Applicable to various screens.

Features of AS-SCREEN

1.Minimizes Static Electricity
AS-SCREEN is a permanent anti-static high modulus polyester monofilament mesh.

2.Prevents Pin Holes
AS-SCREEN prevents dust sticking as a result of static electricity.

3.Prevents Ink Splashing
AS-SCREEN prevents ink splashing caused by static electricity, because its anti-static capability is still effective even after the stencil making process.

4.Improves Adhesion
AS-SCREEN has improved adhesion capability to direct emulsions and stencil films prolonging stencil-life with greater resolution and definition.

* Friction-Charged Static Values are variable depending on the type of substrates, inks, emulsions/stencil films, and other test conditions.
* The above values are comparison data between our products.
* These specifications

CATEX, one side calendered mesh

CATEX is the brand name of NBC Meshtec's one side calendered mesh. Ink consumption is reduced by approximately 20% when used with the calendered side to the squeegee.

CATEX is especially good for UV clear coating where minimum ink deposit is most important. Calendered mesh is also very helpful when printing back-lighted panels where uniform ink deposit is extremely critical. Widths available are 115cms/45", 136cms/53", 155cms/61", and 210cms/82".

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