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A widely used mesh cloth. Low-mesh products are a major part of our lineup.

No degreasing needed

To insure proper resolution and durability of the stencils, polyester mesh requires degreasing, and sometimes abrading. New NBC Meshtec polyester monofilament mesh has a special surface treatment, which reduces production time and eliminates the need for chemicals, thus reducing cost and environmental impact.

Improved surface tension

The improved surface tension properties of new NBC Meshtec polyester monofilament mesh is especially suitable for printing small halftone dots and fine lines particularly for stencil film applied with water. Small details are held tightly making stencils last much longer.
In comparison tests between new our mesh and conventional mesh, our mesh 300% more 0.25mm dots and 400% more 0.5mm dots than conventional mesh.

Superior physical property

Improved tensile strength and low elongation
The increased mesh strength of new NBC Meshtec polyester monofilament mesh allows it to be easily stretched to a higher tension level. This makes it possible to reduce off-contact distance for better dimensional stability and printing accuracy with less squeegee pressure. The diagram (below left) shows the tensile strength comparison between EX-SCREEN in the same specification.

Improved ink transition

The improved dyne value (surface tension) of new NBC Meshtec polyester monofilament mesh improves ink transition beyond that of conventional polyester mesh up to the level of nylon mesh. Ink has much less adhesion to the mesh thus improving resolution and press speeds. The magnified pictures below show the comparison of EX130-30/330PW(30µm thread)and conventional polyester 130-30/330PW in ink transition after 100 prints.
There is a reduction in ink remaining on the EX130-30/330PW and the resolution is much sharper than that of conventional polyester mesh.

Certified ISO9001 quality

NBC Meshtec polyester monofilament mesh undergoes rigorous quality control measures and careful inspection for elasticity, breaking point, mesh count, and mesh thickness which are carefully documented by ISO9001.

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