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Next Generation TLCP (Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer) Monofilament Mesh for High Precision Screen Printing Applications.


TLCP (Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer) Monofilament thread available as fine as 20μm in diameter.

On-Press Benefits
Excellent dimensional accuracy & longevity
Improved fine line resolution
Thinner ink deposit & smoother ink transition

Super fine threads create larger mesh openings, which reduce mesh interference to the print image and improve ink transition.
Thinnest commonly available PET threads are φ27μm, compared with V-SCREEN NEXT's φ20μm.
Smooth mesh surface helps achieve proper emulsion Rz value a key factor contributing to the highest possible resolution.

Outstanding Physical Properties

V-SCREEN NEXT features excellent tensile strength and recovery elasticity, as shown in the diagrams below.

High screen tension for dimensional accuracy
Minimal screen tension loss and distortion even after long press runs

Superior Dimensional Accuracy Proven by 30,000 Print Test

High Performance Exposure

Excellent Resolution for Fine Line Printing

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