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Did you know that nanotechnologys degree of effect depends on how it is applied to products? If nanoparticles are buried or if only some of them perform their intended role, a significant effect cannot be expected. Nafitec has been developed to resolve this problem and thereby maximize the effect of nanoparticles.
Visual confirmation of nanoparticle effects

Maximizing nanoparticle surface area

In conventional nanotechnology, nanoparticles fixed onto a material are buried in a plastic substrate or binder; as a result, only a limited number of them can have an effect. Using NBC Meshtec’s proprietary Nafitec technology makes it possible to evenly fix nanoparticles onto the surface of a material, thereby maximizing the surface area of the particles and their effect. Furthermore, since this technology was specifically developed for fixing nanoparticles onto mesh, they can be successfully fixed even to materials with complex shapes.

Expanding the potential for nanoparticle functions

A variety of fixable nanoparticles are available, including antivirus materials, photocatalysts, enzymes and bactericidal materials. Using nanoparticles according to the application at hand is expected to provide a solution to problems in many industries. In addition, since it has been proved that evenly arranged nanoparticles can perform functions such as dust prevention and dust removal, we are currently exploring applications that also leverage these functions.

Can a gold catalyst be stuck to metal?

It is considered difficult to make metal adhere to plastic surfaces. Is it really possible to add a gold catalyst using Nafitec® technology?

Antidust effect of Nafitec
- View the effect –

Shows the antidust effect difference between Nafitec-treated mesh and a similar untreated sample.

Superhydrophobicity of Nafitec
- Note the rolling water –

What is superhydrophobicity? The surfaces of regular cloth and a sample treated with Nafitec® are compared here.

NBC Meshtec product info

Nafitec-based NBC Meshtec products

We are working on the development of various Nafitec-based products. A high-performance mask and a screen door capable of decomposing viruses are shown here.


The high-performance mask has an antivirus function by which viruses become attached to it and 99.9999% of them are deactivated.