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NBC Meshtec believes that it is a manufacturer's mission to constantly provide high quality products that satisfy customers' needs and live up to their expectations irrespective of the social circumstances. Based on the principle that "Quality can be improved by effort", all products produced by NBC pass through a strict quality control process. Here, a well-trained eye, together with other automated tests weed out unsatisfactory products, and ensure that those that are placed on the market are worthy of receiving the NBC brand name. This is what makes NBC a reliable brand.

The excellent reputation of the products and growth of the company are the result of daily efforts to ensure improved quality. NBC makes these efforts through division-based, small-scale activities, as well as company-wide larger-scale activities. We call such activities "Challenge V-100," the aim of which is to improve and activate daily operations through the enlightenment and participation of all company employees.

NBC conducts its operations from an international standpoint, and has obtained a number of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications. In 1994, the Yamanashi Factory was certified to ISO9002. In 2001, the factory completed the transition to ISO9001: 2000. All of its overseas affiliates have registered for the ISO 9000 series.

We are not content with what we have achieved and will continue to move forward, always aiming higher. That is our basic attitude toward quality management.

  • Screen inspection

  • Measurement of screen thickness

  • Screen stretching test

  • Inspection of printed circuit patterns

  • Clean room