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Research objectives

Viewed as a structure, mesh has a great range of potential to control or transform materials. Our R&D Division seeks to implement related technologies for the resolution of problems in various fields, including medicine and the environment, through research on the combination of mesh and nanoparticles, nanoscaling of mesh itself, and functionality developed by changing surface qualities.

Rapid progress of mesh functionality under the key concept of nanotechnology

Is it possible to give mesh functionality? NBC Meshtec's Nafitec nanoparticle demobilization technology answers this question. It enables uniform fixing of nanoparticles to materials with various geometries without reducing the nanoparticles' surface area, thereby maximizing their functionality. This technology has potentially unlimited applications including photocatalyst action, decomposition of harmful substances, deodorization and antifouling thanks to the properties of nanoparticles. We are also working on the development of nanoscale meshes to explore the possibility of new applications such as virus elimination and DNA research.

Non-mesh applications for functional nanoparticles

NBC's proprietary Nafitec® technology allows nanoparticles to be uniformly fixed to materials with complicated shapes such as mesh surfaces. Its various advantages are expected to result in its widespread application for purposes such as sterilization and decomposition through its catalytic effects in the medical and environmental fields, antifouling treatment in the construction and civil engineering fields, and deodorization in the apparel and building material fields.


Nanoparticle demobilization technology developed by NBC's R&D Division

Establishment of the Virus Lab

Developments in the medical field take time if the acquisition of proven data and the execution of various tests are left to external institutions. To speed up development and expand the market, the company has established its own Virus Lab, which is now beginning to bear fruit in the marketing of various products including a high-performance mask that can decompose viruses using a solid material.


Protection by causing viruses to stick to the mask and deactivating 99.9999% of them

Introduction of research on mesh as a fabric structure

Although mesh is a type of fabric, it also has great potential as a structure. With good design, mesh can be applied to multiple-purpose filters for high-performance filtration thanks to its uniform structure compared to unwoven-fabric versions with uneven thread diameters. We have now embarked on research with the aim of creating industrial parts from mesh.

Meeting industrial needs by implementing seed technologies developed by universities and research institutes

To commercialize seed technologies that contribute to society, we are actively working to collect information from previous and recent research papers, approach related researchers and perform joint studies with universities and research institutes. Currently, we are proceeding with this type of research in the areas of sound, organisms, catalysts, etc. in conjunction with six universities. We aim for the early commercialization of high-quality research achievements through presentations at academic meetings and exhibitions as well as marketing activities.