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Cufitec High-performance mask

Viruses adhere to the mask, and 99.9999% of them are inactivated to prevent infection.

The risk of virus infection through clinical masks has so far been overlooked. Whenever a person touches a mask with viruses attached, they move to the hands and clothing and cause the spread of infection, thereby rendering the mask’s role of preventing infection unfulfilled.
Our Cufitec high-performance mask has been developed to solve this problem. With Cufitec technology, viruses coming into contact with the mask become instantly immobilized onto it, reducing the risk of their transfer to hands or clothing. Furthermore, to eliminate the infectious properties of viruses, an extremely high 99.9999% rate of inactivation has been achieved.

Image of virus immobilization and inactivation

Antivirus material is fixed on the mask surface.


When a virus comes into contact with the mask, it becomes immobilized onto the antivirus material and cannot move.


The immobilized virus is inactivated by the antivirus material and loses its infectious properties.

Merit1 Instantly immobilizing viruses

Viruses coming into contact with the mask surface are instantly immobilized onto it, thereby reducing the risk of their spread to hands or clothing. The photo on the right shows the state after washing out a virus-attached mask with a normal saline solution (to simulate the conditions of sweat being attached to the mask). It was confirmed that the viruses remained firmly immobilized onto the mask surface even after washing out.

■ Enlarged view of mask surface

Merit2 99.9999% of immobilized viruses are inactivated within 60 minutes.

Effective for H1N1 type (Soviet type), H3N2 type (Hong Kong type), and B type influenza viruses.

■ Virus inactivation data

Merit3 Inactivation effect and antibacterial effect for repeated use

The inactivation effect lasts five days.

This means that the same mask can be used from Monday through Friday, thereby reducing both waste and cost.

Suppressing odors with the sterilization effect

Since the mask kills a wide range of bacteria, odors are suppressed and the mask is always clean.
* The antibacterial effect against staphylococcus aureus is an indication of odor suppression.

■ Data on effect duration
■ Antibacterial effect
Gentleness to the skin is another feature.
The mask has been proved safe for use.
About safety

We conducted primary skin irritant property tests, and the safety of the mask was confirmed.

As masks are worn for extended periods, we consider skin safety an important factor, and therefore carried out verification experiments. When primary skin irritant property tests were conducted with a regular Cufitec high-performance mask and one with normal saline solution attached (to simulate the conditions of sweat), no skin irritation was recognized, and the mask’s safety was confirmed.

■Primary skin irritant property test

* Primary skin irritant property test using a rabbit
* Sample in contact for 24 hours
* Test results from the Japan Bioresearch Center

Performance verification by third-party organizations

The Cufitec high-performance mask’s effectiveness was verified by numerous third-party organizations, including:

・Biomedical Science Association Group (virus testing)
・Open Research Center for Genome and Infectious Disease Control, Nihon University School of Medicine. (analysis of the virus inactivation mechanism)
・The Japan Bioresearch Center (safety testing)
・The Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation (bacteria testing)

How to use

Ear strings mark the inside 1. Place the mask with the side with the ear strings attached (i.e., the reverse) against the face.
2. Bend the nose fitter at the top of the mask to the desired nose shape.
3. Stretch the mask up and down to cover the nose and mouth.

・The mask is not effective against harmful dust and gas.
・In the event of irritation, rash or pain in the ears, stop using the mask immediately and consult a doctor.
・In the event of nausea from odors or other problems during use, stop using the mask.
・Replace the mask as appropriate.
・In some cases, eyeglasses may mist up due to clearance around the nose.
・As the mask is made of unwoven fabric, it cannot be washed and reused.
・Do not use near naked flames.
・Pulling excessively on the ear strings may cause them to snap.
・Exercise care when handling the nose fitter at the top of the mask.
・Keep masks in a clean, dry place.
・Keep masks out of the reach of small children.
・Do not use other than for the intended purpose.
・These masks do not guarantee protection from influenza infection.
・Masks may become discolored after prolonged usage; this will not affect performance.

Specifications in accordance with the voluntary standards of the Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association
Product type:
Body: rayon
Filter: polypropylene
Ear strings: polyurethane and nylon
Nose fitter: polyethylene
Viruses including flu, pollen, dust, etc.
Mask size:
Approx. 17 cm x 9 cm

Nafitec® Cufitec was developed using our proprietary Nafitec® technology.

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