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Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polyarylate Fiber especially for highest quality demand.

Brand-new material Super fiber used by NASA

V-SCREEN is woven with Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polyarylate thread named VECRY. This super thread VECRY was originally derived from multifilament thread used for the airbag system of the MARS PATHFINDER spaceship and it converted into monofilament thread suitable for screen printing mesh.
VECRY is hybrid fiber composed of a sheath and core. The sheath has an "island-in-a-sea" structure and is shown in the below.

Construction model of hybrid thread

Physical properties Amazing high Strength and capability

High strength with low elongation
Highest recovery elasticity
Better chemical resistance
No water absorption

Minimal tension loss after stretching

The diagram shows the tension loss after stretching from 2 - 14 days.
V-SCREEN can be stretched to an extremely high tension level because of its superior tensile strength, which minimizes off-contact distance.

Highest dimensional stability

The diagram shows the excellent stability of V-SCREEN from 500 to 5,000 prints. Minimal distortion enables you to obtain the most consistent results even after long printing runs.

Sharp definition

The magnified pictures show the difference of resolution between V-SCREEN and stainless steel wire mesh, and on the squeegee side of the emulsion. The thread transparency, emulsions/stencil films can be properly exposed through V-SCREEN, which improves stencil quality and printing definition compared with stainless steel wire mesh.

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