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Plastic molding products manufacturing policy

Meeting safety requirements for biofuel-powered automobiles

Some constantly-evolving biofuels are difficult to filter with a conventional mesh. To ensure automotive safety, we are beginning to work on a review of super-engineering plastics and metal materials in addition to existing synthetic fibers.

Making all products to order

The manufacturing of molded filters made of mesh integrated with synthetic resin starts with the design of a metal mold. The required safety level and cost are determined based on the position and shape of the filter used in an automobile or household appliance. We review the manufacturing process and related considerations from various angles to create an optimum filter shape.

Implementing continuous manufacturing from prototype creation through to mass production

Our manufacturing system allows all processes, from mesh production to metal mold design, prototyping and mass production, to be carried out in-house. The purpose of this approach is to quickly respond to the advancement of automobile parts such as brakes and injectors. Taking advantage of this unique continuous production system, we offer molded filters to a wide variety of industries including those for household appliances and medical instruments.

Implementing quality by design during the manufacturing process

The performance of automobile filters directly affects human lives, meaning that no defects can be tolerated. We not only aim for a perfect manufacturing process that allows no defects, but also fully check product quality through visual inspection and the use of image-inspection equipment.