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Material manufacture policy

Offering optimum meshes to meet industrial needs

Mesh materials have a wide range of capabilities such as eliminating impurities, preventing attachment of dirt or dust, and enhancing sound Every industry has challenges that can be resolved by leveraging these features. One of our missions in regard to industrial materials is to understand potential needs accurately and contribute to the development of new products in conjunction with users.

Targeting all industries

Mesh technology is required in various fields, including those of household appliances, medical, construction, information & telecommunications, fashion and environmental materials, as well as for the screen sifters used in flour milling that gave the company its start. Our policy is to fully analyze the needs of individual industries and possible applications, and to make unique proposals based on our expertise with mesh materials.

Producing prototypes by leveraging our processing technology

We are able to not only modify the shape of meshes through folding or adhesion but also to increase their performance by changing surface qualities via the use of corona discharge or resin finishing, etc., as technical proposals. Using these techniques, we will continue to support customers’ product development from the prototype production stage onward.

Our proposals are made at the client’s product development site.

Our industrial materials division visits sites to offer support from hypothesis development to planning and commercialization. In the development of a filter for artificial dialysis, for example, our staff will work on research and experimentation in collaboration with medical technicians, thereby offering total support for development without sparing investment in necessary areas such as setting up clean rooms.