Metallic fiber mesh cloth

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Advancing toward higher-precision fields with a view to application in all areas

In the screen printing field, we plan to offer higher-precision meshes that cannot be made with chemical fibers. In the chemical product sector, we have entered the metallic fiber mesh cloth field to cope with the global spread of biofuel for use in automobiles.

Investigating a wide variety of metal materials

Although stainless steel is generally used for metallic fiber mesh, we spare no effort in seeking out new materials. We plan further work on applications for advanced weaving technology.

Meeting new industrial needs

In the automotive industry, chemical fiber meshes are widely used for their advantages in terms of cost and weight. However, to address new safety issues expected to result from developments such as the use of biofuel, the adoption of metal meshes is required. We have a full lineup of mesh cloth products to meet the related industrial needs in this area.

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