Screen printing application products

Material manufacture policy

Contributing to the manufacture of compact, high-resolution products in Japan

High durability and precision are required of screen printing application products used to produce capacitors the size of a grain of rice by repeating laminated printing several hundred times. To enhance manufacturing capability in Japan, advanced technologies are constantly pursued in our mesh production.

Constantly developing new products

NBC Meshtec's innovative screen printing mesh, V-Screen is developed by improvement of the super fiber. It was originally derived from the airbag system of the MARS PATHFINDER spaceship and converted into monofilament thread suitable for screen printing mesh. V-Screen has no plastic deformation and twice higher tensile strength than that of standard stainless steel wire, and it is widely used for production process of electronic components. We have also embarked on the development of metal meshes as well as continuous research of innovative materials to further improve performance of our products.

Seeking out the evolution of screen printing every day

Our Screen Printing Lab collects and systematizes knowledge, information, know-how and data. By establishing a system that is capable of quickly responding to customer requests, we aim to contribute to service quality improvement and market expansion.

Maximizing the efficiency of solar power generation

Enhancing the efficiency of solar power generation is a goal that is promoted worldwide. Our screen printing application products, which allow high-precision electrode printing, enhance the efficiency of solar power generation and enable the manufacture of many panels from a single plate. They are also highly valued in terms of cost, and are now being adopted in many countries including those in Asia and Europe.