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Steady development in mesh-related fields

Resolving the challenges facing various industries through the power of mesh materials
NBC Meshtec addresses these challenges together with users and constantly creates new products.

  • Material manufacture policy
  • Material treatment technology

Development and adoption examples

  • Filters for medical equipment

    Artificial Heart and Lungs

    Blood filters for artificial hearts and lungs with improved blood clot suppression and blood permeability.

  • Filters for medical equipment

    Blood filters

    Widely used for applications such as blood transfusion and dialysis.

  • Mesh for acoustic equipment

    Acoustic filters

    Acoustic filters can create clear sound from a speaker.

  • Mesh for acoustic equipment

    Key Applications

    Used in cell phones and hearing aids to prevent dust and increase acoustic fidelity.

  • Mesh for household appliances

    Cleaner filters

    Original filters allowing the elimination of clogging for easy maintenance.

  • Mesh for the food industry

    Bolting mesh for flour milling

    Used mainly for wheat flour to ensure food safety.

  • Mesh for the fashion industry

    Mesh for shoes

    We propose a variety of meshes with different processing technologies and materials.

  • Mesh for the fashion industry

    Foundation mesh

    We propose products made using the bolting function.

  • Mesh for the fashion industry

    Mesh bags

    We propose products that leverage the qualities of individual materials.

  • Mesh for the fashion industry

    Fashion Mesh

    In addition to mesh, we propose various materials including knitted fabrics.

  • Mesh for communication equipment

    Cases for music players

    The feeling of mesh is added to the bodies and cases of equipment.

  • Mesh for acoustic equipment

    Speaker grills

    The design of speakers for LCD televisions, etc. is improved while enhancing sound quality.

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